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  • Wood Multi Magnetic Cat Door White

W-MCDW Wood Fitting Multi-Magnetic Cat Door White

Application : Wood FittingPet Size : Medium Cat

The wood fitting multi- magnetic cat door is designed for panels made of wood, steel and PVC.  For a glass fitting model refer to glass fitting cat door section.  The opening system of the magnetic cat door helps to keep stray cats from entering your home.  A small magnet is attached to the cat’s collar which activates the multi-magnetic system within the door allowing pet entry.  Once the pet has entered, the locking latch repositions itself.  The multi-magnetic system does not require batteries resulting in lower running costs and avoiding inconvenient battery replacement.

  • Multi-magnetic system eliminates battery replacement and avoids pets being locked out due to battery failure
  • Four way locking system
  • UV stabilised
  • No external screws
  • High impact polycarbonate flap
  • Generous flap size: 170mm x 150mm (6 3/4/” x 6″)
  • Overall size: 245mm X 190mmm (9 5/8″ x 7 1/2″)
  • Application: Wood, steel and PVC Up to 52mm (2″)
  • Recommended pet size: Magnetic cat doors are recommended for cats from 9 months or older. Not suitable for small kittens.

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